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Gutenberg, CSS Grid, WordPress, and What Happens Next?

Gutenberg, CSS Grid, and the Future of WordPress

CSS Grid is here, Gutenberg is coming, and everything is changing. 2018 looks to be a year that flips the table on web design in general and WordPress in particular. What happens next is the stuff dreams, and nightmares, are made of.
What makes a great website? We have an answer.

What Makes A Great Website?

The quest for a great website. I get asked this question a lot, and I give the same answer every time. A straightforward solution — only one thing, actually — but it remains something very hard for people to accept.
Exceptional Business Websites from Hoppel Design

How to Create an Exceptional Business Website

One point that comes up consistently is the client’s desire for their new website to have a “unique” or “original” web design, and prioritizing that over established standards in web design.
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